Book and Film Globe Week In Review Podcast #012: ‘Space Jam,’ Dave Eggers, the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Loki,’…and More!

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

In this week’s excellent edition of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review, editor Neal Pollack reveals the sad unspoken truth behind his “rivalry” with the writer Dave Eggers. He also welcomes Sharyn Vane, live from the parking lot of a Chicago pizza joint, to talk about the new literary thriller ‘Such A Quiet Place.’ Then Neal and Sharyn continue their endless debate over censorship in the book industry as they break down the controversy at the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators.

Michael Washburn drops into the Clubhouse to discuss Dave Eggers’ new short story ‘The Museum of Rain,’ and also to memorialize the Dutch crime journalism Peter de Vries, shot and killed in Amsterdam two weeks ago.

Then we pivot to film, as Jake Harris comes on to talk about the marketing horrors of the new ‘Space Jam’ movie and also the old ‘Space Jam‘ movie, ending with the startling revelation that Space Jam basically exists to sell us stuff.

Stephen Garrett appears, only slightly jet-lagged from his visit to the Cannes Film Festival, where he underwent many spit tests and sat in crowded auditoriums, as the world’s most glamorous film festival returned. While it was no 2019, where Parasite and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiered on the same day, this was still a worthy and memorable entry in Cannes history. Stephen had fun, the new Wes Anderson movie is just OK.

Then Neal and Stephen break down the Black Widow movie, which featured a lot of helicopters flying into buildings. Finally, Neal rants about ‘Loki’ and suddenly realizes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just a ploy to get people to buy comic books. “Everything is a comic book…” Neal says, “Joanna Hogg’s ‘The Souvenir’ is a comic book.’ OK, old man. Enjoy the show!

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