BFG Podcast #076

‘Werewolf By Night,’ and we revisit ‘House of the Dragon,’ ‘The Rings of Power’, ‘She-Hulk,’ and ‘Andor’

This has been an unprecedented fall season of blockbuster TV. So we decided to revisit the big hitters on this week’s podcast. Resident Tolkienologist G.L. Ford has made up his mind on ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,’ and he is APPALLED. As is editor-in-chief Neal Pollack, who can’t get over the bad writing, the bad acting, and the confusing characters. The occasional decent fantasy action scene can’t cover up ROP’s many flaws.

On the other hand, despite occasional flaws with House of the Dragon, Neal loves this show, calling it “as close to Shakespeare with dragons as we’re ever going to get. His guest Mr. Ford has never seen anything Game of Thrones-related. But now is the time. This show is sick, we tell you, good sick.

Then comes Scott Gold to talk with Neal about She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. Scott’s expectations were low for this program, so it met all of them. Both he and Neal enjoyed seeing Daredevil again, and they both appreciate the fourth-wall-breaking mega-irony. Neal has some criticisms of the show’s L.A. girl boss feminism, which he thinks rings a little hollow and privileged, but Scott doesn’t really seem to care, so they let it drop.

Scott has even kinder words for ‘Andor‘, the dark Star Wars show currently airing, including a sixth-episode heist sequence that he says is worthy of Michael Mann at his finest. High praise for Star Wars! We say keep checking it out.

Then our “hirsute Mexican-American” critic Pablo Gallaga comes around to soothe Neal’s fears about werewolves, and particularly about Werewolf By Night, the new Disney+ Marvel horror special. While it does contain some horror elements, this special is also a buddy comedy between a scary werewolf and a cuddly large swamp monster named Man-Thing. Neal, who is also quite hairy, feels like werewolf content hews too close to home, but Pablo is proud of him for facing his fears.


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