BFG Podcast #081

Holiday Special with ‘The Menu,’ ‘The Peripheral,’ ‘Reboot’ and ‘Blockbuster’

Reboot, the new sitcom on Hulu.

Happy Thanksgiving, Book and Film Globe podcast fans. We’re thankful for your support as we continue to press our nose against the glass on the low end of the Podcast 100.

We’ve got a great episode for this holiday week, as Neal speaks to Stephen Garrett about The Menu, whose trailer kinda said it all. Then Chris Lites stops by to discuss something that’s proven almost impossible — successfully adapting William Gibson for the screen. Johnny Mnemonic was but one forgettable attempt. ‘The Peripheral’ gets off to a promising start and might just cross the finish line as worthy visual companion to the rich and complex dystopias Gibson has created in print.

Finally Paula Shaffer joins Neal to ponder: why are sitcoms no longer funny? They discuss Reboot, the new one from Modern Family creator Steven Levitan, and Blockbuster. The former feels precious and unfunny and the latter is “a clueless, clumsy sitcom that can’t even muster nostalgia for itself, much less the golden age of video rental stores.”

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