BFG Podcast #098: ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ ‘Succession,’ and Censoring Agatha Christie

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A great episode of the BFG podcast this week, as host Neal Pollack welcomes Jamie Mason to the pod-dome to talk about the plague of sensitivity readers that is smothering big publishing, particularly in the U.K. Despite no “hue and cry,” as Jamie puts it, the readers are changing classic Agatha Christie novels to bring them up-to-date with modern sensibilities. Jamie posts that there’s no real need for this, that it’s “make-work” for disaffected liberal arts graduates. But it’s happening, and we have to keep an eye on the censors, because we can’t let them win.

On a cheerier note, ‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves‘ has come to theaters, and it’s surprisingly successful. Neal and contributor Jim Arndorfer, who aren’t nerds at all, no sir, give the movie high marks for its rollicking sense of adventure, silly sense of humor, and surprising fealty to the D&D game itself. Again, they are not nerds, just guys who went to a movie.

Matthew Ehrlich closes out the proceedings with a chat about the fourth and final season of ‘Succession,’ now airing on HBO. The saga of the Roy family has grown maybe a little stale, he and Neal conclude. But they’re still watching. And ‘Succession’ has the good grace to end while it’s ahead. Unlike other cultural properties like it, the show isn’t overstaying its welcome.

And either is our podcast! Enjoy.

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