BFG Podcast #099: ‘Air,’ and Clifton Duncan on Endless Hollywood and Broadway COVID Restrictions

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On this week’s BFG Podcast, host Neal Pollack welcomes special guest Clifton Duncan.

Before the pandemic era hit, Clifton’s career on Broadway and in television was beginning to take off. But after the culture he loved shut down, he moved to Atlanta to find work. There he saw a society that was functioning with relative normalcy, unlike the dystopian New York City that he’d left. He began to question lockdowns, masks, and other COVID policies. And when he refused to take the COVID vaccine because he’d already recovered from COVID, he found himself on the outs of the industry.

Neal and Clifton talk about his story and about how absurd it is that Hollywood is still pursuing its “Return To Work” COVID policies years after the rest of the world returned to relative normal. But he no longer wanted to be one of “these pampered, pretentious so-called ‘artists’ thumbing their noses at people they called Trump supporters but were actually just trying to make a living.”

After that hefty meal, it’s time for a Stephen Garrett dessert, as he and Neal discuss ‘Air,’ the new Ben Affleck movie about the creation of the Air Jordan sneaker in 1984. It’s breezy, brotastic, and funny, but Stephen and Neal both wonder what we’re celebrating with this movie. And why is there suddenly a full slate of films about the miraculous creation of corporate products? When did the overdog become the underdog?

Deep conversations, presented amusingly and intelligently. That is the BFG way. Enjoy the show!

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