BFG Podcast #104

Fast X, Jeopardy Masters, Silo

Book and Film Globe Editor in Chief Neal Pollack is taking a well-deserved Memorial Day jaunt across America. Pinch-hitting as host this week — and doing a swell job — is frequent BFG contributor Scott Gold, who’s written for the site about The Mandalorian, Moon Knight and tons of other Disney and Star Wars and adjacent properties.

This week, Scott talks to Jonpaul Guinn about Fast X, whose Dominic Toretto character has provided Vin Diesel and crew with a lifetime of speedy chasecraft. “Dom sticks that landing and many fiery, infrastructure-puncturing other ones while racing to save his family,” concludes Guinn’s article and the podcast goes into depth befitting a 10-chapter cinematic universe.

Next up is Jeopardy expert (and 0ne-time contestant) Daniel Cohen, who talks to BFG about Jeopardy Masters, the new sort of playoffs for past champs. They dive deep in the weeds here, but the big question on the minds of most will be “Who the hell authorized the disclosing of Daily Double locations to the audience before play begins?”

Finally, Scott talks to Dan Friedman about Silo, the new Rebecca Ferguson dystopian mystery on Apple TV+. We learn that barely anything has survived the apocalypse, except for Apple II computers and badass leather jackets.

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