BFG Podcast #067: ‘The Rehearsal,’ ‘The Bear,’ and ‘Nope’

Our editor and contribs break down the culture

The podcast is back, and we’ve got a winner! Editor Neal Pollack welcomes Stephen Garrett to argue with him about Jordan Peele’s Nope. As a loser in the Hollywood wars, Pollack likes Nope’s central theme of Hollywood chewing up and spitting out talent. Stephen thinks the movie is all over the place and is too clever for its own good. However, they both love the “Gordy’s Home” scenes and wonder if that should have been the whole movie.

Omar Gallaga returns to our stages to talk to Neal about Nathan Fielder’s ‘The Rehearsal‘ on HBO Max. Nathan sets up various absurd simulations to help people prepare for difficult life simulations. Omar seems to like it though he’s not sure what Nathan is really up to. It’s dark and weird and very meta. And Neal’s conversation with Omar is just a rehearsal for the actual conversation.

Then Daniel Cohen comes by to talk with Neal about Hulu’s ‘The Bear,’ the most realistic depiction of restaurant life ever put to film. Neal also admires the realistic way The Bear depicts Chicago. It’s like going to see community theater on Sheridan Road on a Friday night. Great performances from the whole cast, especially Jeremy Allen White and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. After some questioning by Daniel, Neal determines that he wants his Italian beef hot and dipped. It’s the only way to go. And this is the only entertainment podcast you need all week!

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