BFG Podcast #109

‘Dial of Destiny,’ ‘The Bear’ Season 2, and trouble at TCM.

On the newest BFG podcast, we turn back time to talk about ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,’ in theaters now and for at least the next three weeks. Neal Pollack found grumpy old Harrison Ford charming. Stephen Garrett thought the movie was a bit of a wet noodle, and hated the fake-looking first half hour. Your mileage may vary on whether or not you like the wispy mustache on the bland new character of “Teddy.” Neal did not, Stephen didn’t mind him much.

There’s also a lengthy discussion with contributor Lani Gonzalez about corporate layoffs and restructuring at Turner Classic Movies. Warner Brothers Discovery David Zaslav is clearly the sinister media villain of the moment, and placing TCM on the chopping block is the most villainous thing he’s done yet. TCM has been a film education for millions, Neal and Lani included, and they both agree that taking it off the air, or making it hard to find, would be akin to getting rid of public libraries. It’s not going anywhere just yet, thanks to our advocacy, as well as a small push from Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.

The Bear Season 2 is definitely not going anywhere. It’s quality TV for people who like quality TV. Our critic Daniel Cohen loved it with few reservations, the rare restaurant situation that doesn’t involve reservations. Neal’s take is more skeptical. He thinks The Bear is “high on its own supply.” Heed his warning: what we think is good TV often doesn’t seem so good down the road. Daniel says “don’t listen to Neal,” and that is also usually good advice.

Enjoy the show!

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