Book and Film Globe Podcast #030: Dave Eggers, Kurt Vonnegut, and ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

In this week’s exciting edition of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review, editor Neal Pollack bravely addresses his longstanding one-sided literary rivalry with author Dave Eggers. Contributor Raymond Cummings has no such baggage and is able to discuss Eggers’s new novel, ‘The Every,’ with a degree of neutrality. Cummings finds The Every to be an exciting dystopian satire that has a lot to say about how we interact with ourselves and our corporate masters, both online and off.

From the once and future Vonnegut to the actual Vonnegut. Ayun Halliday calls in to discuss the wonderful new Kurt Vonnegut documentary ‘Unstuck In Time,’ which features long-buried footage of the literary master as well as tremendously funny and revelatory interviews with his family. This long-awaited tribute to one of our greatest writers won’t disappoint fans, and Halliday, as a fellow Hoosier, has many special connections to Vonnegut.

Film critic Stephen Garrett has no particular special connection to Ghostbusters, but he liked ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘ fairly well, even though it’s an oversentimentalized mess that can’t quite determine what it’s doing. It’s an affectionate tribute to a long-standing piece of popular culture, featuring a digitized Harold Ramis who leaves everyone feeling verklempt. 

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