Book and Film Globe Week in Review Podcast #10: Lin-Manuel Miranda, ‘F9,’ Annie Murphy, ‘Kim’s Convenience,’ and More!

Our editor and writers discuss the summer’s hottest culture topics

Where were you the night the lights went out in New York City? Were you listening to the Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast? Probably! Editor-in-chief Neal Pollack opens the show by talking to Sharyn Vane about the new teen-romance New York anthology ‘Blackout,’ which Sharyn says is a landmark for inclusivity in publishing. Then Stephen Garrett pops into the Clubhouse to talk about ‘F9,’ which he and Neal agree would be a great movie to watch at a Thai youth hostel.

Jake Harris appears to brilliantly compare ‘In The Heights‘ with ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and Neal defends Lin-Manuel Miranda against charges of racial insensitivity. Then Rachel Llewellyn makes her weekly podcast appearance to discuss the brilliance of Annie Murphy in ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself,’ the ultimate savage attack on Masshole Sitcoms. Rachel sticks around to talk about the tragedy of the cancellation of ‘Kim’s Convenience’, and then everyone grooves to the smooth sounds of BTS, 2021’s hottest boy band.

It’s the grooviest podcast of the summer. Can you stand the heat?

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