The 100th Episode of the BFG Podcast!

Neal Pollack and friends discuss ‘Renfield,’ ‘How to Blow Up A Pipeline,’ and ‘Beef’

In this tremendous milestone for BFG, for BFG editor-in-chief Neal Pollack, for Sea of Reeds Media, and for the history of the world in general, this week we celebrate the 100th episode of our podcast! And by “celebrate,” we mean, “do what we’ve always done on the show at a high level, and with a funky new theme song.”

Neal summons frequent guest Stephen Garrett to discuss the vampire action-comedy ‘Renfield.’ No one has a bad word to say about Nic Cage as Dracula. Who could? But Neal in particular found the screenplay to be a tonal mess, with a useless drug-lord subplot taking away what is good and fun about the movie. Stephen, a happier person, tends to only see the good and fun. You be the judge, and beware if you invite Nicolas Cage into your house.

There’s no dissent about ‘How To Blow Up A Pipeline,’ though. Sara Stewart joins Neal to praise the indie environmental activism thriller, now in theaters. It reminds them both of gritty, realistic 1970s political movies. And there’s the added juice that studios refused to touch the movie because of its politics and because they are funded by oil companies. But it’s a raw and engrossing film with nary an ounce of narrative fat. It’s the most left-wing movie you’ll see all year, but whatever your politics, check it out.

Beef‘ is our TV show of the week. Susie Bright joins Neal to heap praise on this Netflix show, which, she wisely points out, has all the elements of classic Korean revenge dramas. The show is Korean-American by birth, and Susie also informs us that Korean filmmakers are steeped in classical French film techniques as well. She even susses out elements of classic French farce in the narrative. Neal agrees the show is good, but is also deeply raw and emotional, and asks “why are we watching this?” I guess you could ask that about anything, which we do every week on the podcast.

Enjoy the episode! See you for #200!

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